New Hardware, Old Hardware

Well, the T-Box turned up. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it looks like the HDD is dead. Seller “doesn’t do refunds” – great.

Rang Telstra to make sure I wasn’t missing anything (I hadn’t). The nice Philipines based support person offered to send out a recovery bag and said they MAY fix/repair for me at no charge. Well here’s hoping anyway… Otherwise, I’ll have to find an appropriate HDD somewhere. Everything else appears to work – Bigpond channels, Bigpond Movies (can’t download with no HDD) etc. And the EPG is obviously stored on the HDD too, because it’s only showing On now and on next – makes sense in  way, because that’s a fair bit of data that changes all the time and that many writes to flash would kill the flash pretty quick.

Interesting things to note:

1) the latest firmware for TBox gives you “My Media” access even without registration.

2) Foxtel on TBox channels are part of the standard EPG offering, so IPTV sure looks doable

Never mind – we have a “server” to build to make the man-in-the-middle.

Found an old – no, ye olde – machine being tossed out. Pretty sad now, but not too bad for  the day. P2 at 233MHz, 64MB RAM. Took out the 4.3GB HDD and put in an old 250GB PATA drive I had lying around. Went to install Centos 5. “Not enough memory” it said. Sigh. OK, RH8 (from 2002!) will work! Sure did. Selected “Install Everything” option. 2 and a half hours later, it’s installed about 5GB of OS and programs. Surprising what was available even then – Mozilla, Openoffice, WINE etc. Lot’s of stuff I’ll never use like Spanish, German, French and Italian man pages; X11 server with fonts; compatibility code for RH7; PHP – the list is endless (well it sure feels like it!)

Right now, it’s being NATed behind the laptop I’m using to write this – I currently only have WiFi – while I try and install some perl libraries from CPAN. Taking a while though. Thinking of hardwiring it to the ADSL over at the other end of the house while it does this, it’s sooo slooooow, and I’m only telnetting to it from here anyway…

That”l do me for an update – things ARE moving, if slowly.

Update: nope, definately needs more RAM ;-(

One thought on “New Hardware, Old Hardware

  1. Hi,
    I am a like minded technical user in need of some help with my TBox
    I have a working TBox but it has not been updated in quiet a while because of this Tbox is not able to register in Telstra and hence it does not show a program guide or any other Tbox related function.
    I was wondering if you could help me force update my Tbox or if you have a copy of latest Firmware and could send me one.
    As Telstra have stopped supporting them completely I am stuck with a Tbox which works but does not show me a EPG or anything.


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