TBox fixed – well, sort of!

Despite buying my TBox 2nd hand from ebay, and despite it being advertised as in “working condition”, and as noted previously it not working and the seller not being helpful, Telstra offered to assess it.

They sure did. And despite being out of warrantee, they replaced it.

Thanks Telstra!

Still sorting a working and usable box to intercept network traffic – delays, delays!


Found an eBay seller who will sell me an appropriately old and slow box for $20 – I have the contact info etc, but am currently visiting friends for NYE (it’s my friends birthday on NYE!) about 200km from home. On the plus side, the seller appears to be “on the way”, so may drop in on the way home…


The replacement T-Box now refuses to listen to it’s remote control – sigh.

Telstra are sending a replacement and a return bag for the dead one.

I thought they would have had this issue fixed by now, which is why I got another one in the first place. I wonder how many I will need to “test” for them before I get a “good” one and how long a “good” one will last.